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Optoma DH1012 Projector Detailed Review

Optoma DH1012

The Optoma DH1012, was released as another option for customers looking at the company’s range of HD projectors. All of these have roughly the same technology inside, with a few tweaks here and there in the features, so buyers can choose one based on the features most important to them. All of them are good, appeal varies depending on what each buyer is looking for. In this Optoma DH1012 Full 3D 1080p 3200 Lumen DLP Multimedia Projector Review, I’m going to take you through, what this one has to offer, both good and bad, so you’re in the best position possible to make that choice.

Optoma DH1012 Full 3D 1080p 3200 Lumen DLP Multimedia Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port, 18,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 8,000 Hour Lamp Life

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Price: $949.15

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  • 1080p Full HD
  • Full 3D
  • Easy Set-up
  • Long Lamp-life
  • 18000-1 contrast ratio
  • BrilliantColor Technology
  • Good Connectivity



  • Portable, but not the most portable projector out there
  • Rainbows appear when using zoom, and on larger screen sizes

Optoma DH1012 Full 3D 1080p 3200 Lumen DLP Multimedia Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port, 18,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 8,000 Hour Lamp Life

Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

The measurements are 8.8 inches of length, by 12.4 inches of width, and it has a depth of 3.9 inches, so it’s still very portable, but it’s a little bigger than many other portables on the market. This said, you’re not going to be struggling to fit it in into a carry-on bag, or case, and the depth is quite encouraging, because ultra-thin projectors tend to break easily, so I was glad it had some thickness to it. The weight is 8.1 pounds shipping, but this is reduced to 5.7 pounds when taken out of the box, so again, we’re talking about a projector, which is a tiny amount heavier than some portable’s, but not overly so. Actually the design, with it’s curved edges and vents, looks a lot like the DH1011, which was very durable, so I have no real critique’s in this area.



It’s full 3D, which is a confusing term to some buyers, who wonder what the difference is between full 3D and 3D ready. The difference is huge; 3D ready means you can hook your projector up to a 3D device like a 3D Blu-Ray Player, and it will translate the 3D signal into something a little inferior, but better than HD. Full 3D means when you hook up your projector to a 3D device, you’ll be seeing actual 3D images in all their glory. Always look for full 3D, even if you have to pay a few dollars more, because its the only way to get real 3D.


As well as being full 3D, THE DH1012 is also full HD 1080p, and with the use of BrilliantColor technology inside, this is upgraded further. When you see the term BrilliantColor, it means that you have an excellent color pallet, which will display a wide range of colors, in vivid detail. On the DH1012, they also provide a contrast ratio of 18000-1, so blacks and whites will be shown in crisp, smooth, accuracy. The quality stemming from a good contrast ratio is most noticeable on dark movies, where stong contrast textures are important, and in presentations, where text will look clear and precise. The images on display here are truly amazing, and your not going to find better images on any projector, except high-end products costing thousands.


Right now, your probably thinking this projector is perfect, but before you rush out and buy it, there’s a downside you should know about. The DH1012 has the same problem as the DH1011, in that there are rainbows present using zoom, and on larger screen sizes. Rainbows are spots of color that shouldn’t be there, but appear nonetheless, on screens, usually in the corners. These spots will appear when you zoom up to max, or extend the screen close to max. The good news is that they aren’t going to ruin movies, unless something major is happening in the corner of the screen, and on most occasions you won’t notice them. There’s also a big chance most buyers won’t even care when they come up, because of the fantastic HD and 3D images on display; but they are there.


On a better note, the DH1012, has 3200 lumens of brightness, which is enough to view in light rooms, and enough brightness for viewing outside in the afternoon. The lumens perform well, so you’ll only need to draw curatins, on the brightest of days. Complementing this convenience, is the connectivity; the DH1012 will connect to Tablets, Phones, or camera’s, and is compatible with media sticks like the Amazon Fire. Streaming movies and TV shows is fast, so you won’t be waiting around for loading.


Final Verdict:

The rainbows are still there, and the problem really should have been resolved, but they aren’t all that bothersome, and the upside on this projector is immense. Full 3D, full HD 1080p, BrilliantColor Technology, 18000-1 contrast ratio, for wonderful blacks and whites, 3200 lumens, and excellent streaming capabilities, making this one of the most visually stunning projectors on the market. Definitely worth a buy, and somewhat of an improvement on other Optoma HD models.


Updated: July 17, 2016 — 6:26 am

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