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Elite Screens Tripod 99-inch, T99NWS1Review

Elite Screens Tripod, 99-inch, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Pull Up Projection Projector Screen, T99NWS1Days of making trips to and from the nearest movie theater are long gone. With the right screen projector and projection mechanism you no longer have to make schedules and unnecessary payments to get the most out of a movie. And what better way to improve the comfort of these sessions than with the Elite Screens T99NWS1, one of the best projector screens currently on the market.

Not only can you use it for those movies sessions but this tripod has also proven to be useful in making other video projections with an easy set up sequence which is quite comfortable to even the petite customer. It is the most impressive projector screen yet to be made by Elite Screens and the attention to detail in the design and material is unrivaled.

Elite Screens Tripod Series, 99-INCH 1:1, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 8K/4K Ultra HD 3D Ready, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, T99NWS1

by Elite Screens [Elitescreens]
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Main Features of the Elite Screens T99NWS1:

· Has a white case display size of 99inches (diagonally) with an aspect ratio of 1:1. The standard height and width view area is 70 by 70 inches respectively while the maximum view size is of 113.6 by 77.0 inches, height and width respectively.

· Has a locking mechanism which allows for a variety of height settings and is also easy to use. Its keystone eliminator is standard and provides correction of images and videos.

· MaxWhite feature: The front material it is made of, MaxWhite, gives it the edge for wide viewing angles (180 degrees) with an ideal and uniform picture-video diffusion while giving a definition which is precise down to the pixel. The color reproduction is of a high quality and the black-white contrast adjustment is amazing. Multi-layer woven with a “black backed” screen for no-light penetration and easy, safe cleaning with water and a mild detergent (mildew resistant). Finally, it is certified by GreenGuard GOLD UL|2818.

· It comes with a carrying bag which is separately sold and optional. It is however recommended for durability. Its casing is heavy duty capable of withstanding frequent usage.

Elite Screens Tripod Series, 99-INCH 1:1, Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 8K/4K Ultra HD 3D Ready, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, T99NWS1


1. Easy to set up be it outdoors or indoors not to mention stable once set up.

2. Simple to transport since it is folded effortlessly.

3. Reasonably priced and affordable.

4. It is extremely light for its size.

5. Bright white projection surface which is light-penetration proof and washable.

6. Wide field of view over a 180 degree angle.

7. A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


1. The fasteners are plastic in design and can break under pressure.

2. User guide is not very detailed.

Final Verdict:

If ou are looking to buy the Elite Screens Tripod, 99-inch, T99NWS1 then you are at a beneficial stand point. Be it movie watching or video presentation you will not be disappointed by the work rate in the long run. As it is clear the pros outweigh the cons by far and as you will see from numerous consumer reviews, the Elite projector screen is a best buy.


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