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Best Gaming Projector on a Budget

Best Gaming Projector on a Budget

  Back in the old days gamers used to go to Arcades for the best possible experience. The advent of large screen TV’s changed all that, and gamers where able to stay home and still receive some amazing looking graphics. These days 50 inches simply isn’t enough so TV’s are out and Projectors with massive […]

Best LED Projectors Below $1000


There was a lot of talk surrounding LED projectors back in 2012-13, but over the years the excitement around these devices has faded. Although the LED projectors outperform the traditional DLP projectors on several fronts, the lower brightness of LED powered lamps remains a major drawback. You should not expect an LED projector to work […]

Projectors With Low Lamp Replacement Cost

Best projector with long lamp life

We use projectors for various purposes. They are fast becoming an inevitable part in education and infotainment programs. However, we may need to replace the projector lamps after a few years of service. Projector lamps may blow out for various reasons like voltage fluctuations or end of the lamp-life. Improper use and environmental factors can […]

Projectors For Sale – Feb (2015)


Projectors are expensive. Anyone without an appreciation of how HD projectors can enhance a movie or game experience will think of them as luxury toys. The demand for these devices stems from wanting a better and more immersive experience but the prices are a hindrance. A high resolution projector can costs upwards of a thousand […]

Best 3D Projector For A Small Budget


3D Projectors are all the rage these days and rightly so. These devices have become more affordable in the recent past and many people are choosing them over traditional projectors. The benefits of a 3D projector are many as they provide a superior entertainment experience for comparable prices. Most 3D projectors can also support 2D […] © 2016 The owner of this website,, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking website to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or php hit counter