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Best Projectors with Long Lamp Life

Best projector with long lamp life


One of the characteristics that define a good projector is the lamp life. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of replacing the projector lamp after a few years of service especially with the difficulties of finding the exact spare. To prevent you from going through this, here are 5 projectors with long lamp life.


EUG 88: With a lamp life of more than 50,000 hours this is a projector that you are definitely going to use for a long time. Besides from long the lamp life other features include a 1280×800 resolution, an inbuilt speaker, it can also read USB storage device and support the common video, audio and picture formats. This is a multipurpose projector which can be used for home theater, office presentations and even for school parties.
The super bright LED light source ensures that you get bright images at all times. The super long lifespan of the lamp also ensures that you get to save on maintenance costs.

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Dell M115HD: This projector is in a class of its own. Being a mobile projector you would not expect it to have a lamp life 30,000 hours when used on normal mode. This is way beyond the capabilities of other mobile projectors.
Other features include a mercury free LED light source. One significant factor about this feature is that besides from being a reliable light source it is also safe since it is mercury free. This projector is small and light enough to fit in your laptop bag. It is slightly over 4” wide and weighs below 400g.

Dell M115HD Mobile LED Projector, WXGA 1280x800, HDMI USB Inputs, 1GB Internal Memory, 450 ANSI Lumens

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Elmo MP-350 BOXi Mobile Projector: When operating on the standard mode, this lamp life of this projector is well over 20,000 hours. The best future with this projector is its ability to start quickly. With this one 7 seconds are all that it needs to start and so it is very reliable when you are late for a presentation.
Another good feature is USB and Wi-Fi file access. This feature eliminates the need to have numerous connections to your projector. This projector also works great for both the indoors and outdoors and you get to choose from three different display modes.

Elmo MP-350 BOXi Mobile Projector

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Optoma HD141X : Taking time to read a few projector reviews will reveal how popular this projector is as you would hardly come across any negative review. This is probably due to its very long lamp life seconded by many other features.
If you are looking to create a cinematic experience in your living room then this is what you should go for. The cinematic experience is a result of a combination of 3000 ASNI lumens and 1080p resolution. The capability to project anywhere and anytime of the day is also an added advantage that this projector has to offer its users.

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

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Price: $648.88

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ABIS HD Projector LED 60,000 hrs Bulb life (Available Only in UK)

This is probably the projector with the longest lamp life that you will find anywhere. It has a capability of running for 35 years continuously without having to change the battery. The projection size for this projector is between 30” to 180” making it suitable for different purposes such as home entertainment and business purposes.
This high resolution projector also comes with three HDMI slots and a built in freeview TV that lets you enjoy all the free TV channels. The built in SD port is also another feature that you will get to enjoy.

Summing Up:

If you are anything like me, then you hate looking for replacement parts for your existing gadgets. Projectors lamps are both the most powerful and the most fragile element of an average projector.  Most projector bulbs cost upwards of a hundred dollars so it’s best to go with a device that provides you with a long lamp-life.

In any case, we also have an article on the best projectors with low lamp replacement cost (recommended for heavy school/office users).


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